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Two or more people or organizations that combine their abilities to work together towards a common goal.

At NGVi, we believe natural gas is the most superior transportation fuel available…period.  We’ve spent the last 30 years dedicated to helping develop a successful North American market and helping our fellow industry members—NGVi Partners—do the same.

Over two decades ago, we launched the NGVi Partners program (formerly known as the NGVi Sponsor program) to leverage our 25,000+ contact NGV user database, education efforts and marketing expertise to help our partners achieve their business development goals.

We are proud to be affiliated with our NGVi Partners—the leading companies in the natural gas vehicle industry— true believers in natural gas as a transportation fuel and product innovators.

Here’s what NGVi Partners say about the Partners Program.

“Parker consistently looks for ways to expand customer awareness of our brand and our products. The NGVi Partner Program has been a very effective way for us to do just that by reaching new audiences with a variety of educational efforts. We are looking forward to continued work with NGVi in the future.”

–Steve Duricky, Global Platform Manager – Industrial, Parker Hannifin Corporation


“In the recent educational webinar held on our behalf, NGVi introduced Oasis to more new prospects than we ever expected. We’ve concluded the NGVi Partner Program is the way to go for us in the future.”

—-Ricky Lee, Vice President of Business Development USA & Canada, Oasis Engineering Ltd


“ANGI has participated in NGVi’s Partners Program for nearly two decades because we recognize the solid value it brings to our business.”

–Jared Hightower, Vice President, ANGI Energy Systems


What Exactly is the NGVi Partner Program?

NGVi works closely with our Partners to develop and implement a series of annual marketing and educational efforts designed to advance the messages of safety, innovation and quality. On behalf of our partners, our mission is to:

  • Educate and inform the market
  • Build brand and product awareness
  • Develop qualified prospect lists
  • Attract new customers and increase sales
  • More deeply understand market needs and trends
  • Gather customer information
  • Stay current on industry trends


What Are the Benefits of NGVi Partnership?

NGVi Partners have a host of resources at their disposal, including these benefits.

Attendee lists, with full contact information, for 2016-2019 public training classes

Access to attendee lists from 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019 public training classes, which includes complete contact information, as well as information about their current NGVs, fueling infrastructure, and plans for the future.

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Attendee lists, with full contact information, for current public training classes

After each public training session, NGVi emails partners a link to a secure page on our website where you can access a list of training participants contact information along with information regarding their current and future natural gas vehicle and fueling station plans.

Your company information and literature featured in NGVi’s Digital Catalog

Connect with your customers, prospects and the industry by supplying information to our Digital Catalog, an online tool that includes company descriptions, contact information, logos, links, product images and PDF files.

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Your company logo on the NGVi website

Exposure on NGVi’s website: Your company logo, with an active link to your website, will be prominently displayed on a scrolling banner across every page on the NGVi website and in our Digital Catalog.

Your company logo, with an active link to your website, featured on every training class email promotion

Each and every time an email is sent regarding NGVi’s training, each Partner’s logo and link will be included at the bottom of our emails. Emails are sent regularly throughout the year to more than 25,000 contacts, providing your company with regular exposure to your target audience throughout the year.

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Your company logo and contact information listed in NGVi training manuals

Your company logo and contact information is printed in every NGVi training manual, which is distributed to training class attendees and kept as a reference for their future use.

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Your company logo displayed on NGVi banner or/and in promotional materials at various national conventions and tradeshows

NGVi attends a number of industry-related conventions, meetings, and tradeshows each year such as NACS Show, APTA, TMC, Waste Expo, ACT Expo and NGVA Conference. Partners are included in brochures, hand-outs, and/or as a part of NGVi’s display.

Feature Your Company in Interactive NGVi Partner Webinars

As an NGVi Partner, you will have the opportunity to connect with live audiences and promote your products and services through technology update webinars. These interactive, online events will be marketed to decision makers within the natural gas vehicle industry. Participating Partners will also receive complete attendee contact information and a link to the recording of the webinar, for further distribution and promotion opportunities.

Complimentary Email Blast Sent on Behalf of Your Company

As an NGVi Partner, you will have the opportunity to promote your organization via a complimentary email blast. NGVi will distribute this email on your behalf directly to select industry members, who are decision makers throughout the NGV industry, and your potential customers. Since the email replies are set to go directly to your inbox, you will have multiple opportunities for immediate lead generation.

Complimentary article in the NGVi Blog featuring your organization

Your company will be featured in one edition of NGVi’s Blog, which is sent to NGVi's entire database. The article will be in an interview question and answer format.

Your company is personally introduced at each training class

Your company is personally introduced at each training class, including an overview of your products and services. Your company, products and services are also referenced in other appropriate ways during our courses, reinforcing for our students - your customers and prospects - exactly how you can help them address their vehicle and fueling needs.

Partner news and announcements posted on NGVi social media sites

NGVi will promote Partner news and announcements relevant to the industry through its social media platform (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.).

What Types of Customers Are In the NGVi Database?

The 25,000+ contact database is made up primarily of

  • NGV fleet

    Managers Supervisors Technicians

  • NGV

    Manufacturers Distributors
    Service Providers

  • NGV dealership

    Service Supervisors Technicians

  • CNG fuel system

    Engineers Manufacturers Integrators

  • CNG fueling station

    Component Manufacturers Packagers
    Retailers /Owners /Operators

  • CNG fueling station

    Designers Construction companies Maintenance companies

  • Natural gas utility companies

  • NGV industry publications


What is the Cost of NGVi Partnership?

There are two levels of Partners.  Stand-alone companies, such as equipment manufacturers, CNG station packagers, component manufacturers and similar organizations are considered “full” Partners. Their annual Partner fee is $3,995.

Distributors whose manufacturers are full Partners are considered Distributor Partners.  Their annual Partner fee is $2,495.


How Does the Annual Partnership Work?

Three easy steps.

  1. Talk with our Customer Solutions Manager to determine if NGVi’s Partner Program is right for both you and us.
  2. If the answer is yes, we will send you an invoice and request for items such as your high-resolution logo, company description, products or messages you’d like featured in your Digital Product Catalog and other necessary information.
  3. Once we receive payment and the requested items, your NGVi Partnership starts working for you.


What Results Should We Expect from the NGVi Partner Program?

If you not only take advantage of the passive benefits, but also utilize the live webinar option and training class attendee lists at your disposal, you will be able to:

  • Increase awareness of your brand, products and services among our database
  • Obtain more than 1.5 million brand impressions from our annual emails
  • Measure the number of links from our website, emails and newsletter to your website
  • Educate NGVi newsletter recipients about new products and services
  • Present your products and services directly to 50-100 webinar participants and follow up with them by email or phone
  • Market and sell to prospects provided in our training class attendee lists and review their vehicle and fueling station purchasing plans
  • Receive discounts on NGVi training classes for your employees and coworkers
  • Distribute news and announcements on our website and through our social media
  • Receive more qualified prospect lists from the “opens” of your complimentary email blast

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