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Trillium CNG makes CNG simple with a turnkey model for installing CNG fueling infrastructure. Our services include designing, installing, and operating a fuel system that is guaranteed to meet our customers’ needs. Trillium’s turnkey approach takes care of every aspect of the fueling facility, so you can focus on your core business. Whether your company wants to switch to clean, affordable CNG fuel or build a CNG station for an existing fleet, Trillium has the solution.

We currently provide fuel for thousands of natural gas vehicles every day, delivering more than 35 million gallons of CNG per year. Trillium customers include Los Angeles Metro, Orange County Transportation Authority, San Diego Metropolitan Transit System, North County Transit District, New York City Transit, MTA Bus Company in New York City, Ft. Worth Transportation Authority, United Parcel Service, Los Angeles Unified School District, San Francisco Airport, Southern California Gas Company, the City of Berkeley, CA, and other fleets and private customers in and around Los Angeles and San Francisco.

Jennifer de Tapia, Director of Market Services
Phone: 800-920-1166

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