CNG Fuel System Design and Installation Training

Intended for design engineers, installation technicians and quality assurance teams, this training provides the instruction and comprehensive learning necessary to design and install CNG fuel systems that will comply with all applicable safety codes and standards.

The course teaches students about all CNG fuel system components and their functions, as well as how to treat CNG cylinders during the fuel system installation process, and how to assess potential damage that may occur prior to or during installation. Special emphasis is placed on properly understanding and applying the codes and standards governing CNG fuel system installation.



Delivery Mode

Live: In-House

Who Should Attend?

  • Heavy-Duty CNG Fuel System Manufacturers
  • Heavy-Duty Vehicle Manufacturers
  • Light-Duty SVMs
  • CNG Fuel System Integrators
  • CNG Fuel System Design Engineers
  • CNG Fuel System Installation Technicians
  • Quality Assurance Teams

Course Objectives

  • Describe the properties and characteristics of natural gas
  • Identify the differences between natural gas, gasoline, and diesel fuels
  • Identify all major low- and high-pressure CNG fuel system components; describe their operation and safety features
  • Identify and apply all applicable installation codes and standards to the design and installation of CNG fuel systems
  • Be familiar with CNG fueling station equipment and safety devices
  • Be familiar with how to assess damage to CNG cylinders, as well as causes, types, and levels of damage

Course Outline

Module 1 Introduction
Module 2 Properties and Characteristics of Natural Gas
Module 3 CNG Fuel System Codes and Standards Overview
Module 4 CNG Fuel System Components
Module 5 Installation Requirements for Fuel Receptacles
Module 6 Installation Requirements for Secondary Check Valves
Module 7 Installation Requirements for Defueling System
Module 8 Installation Requirements for Cylinders and Shields
Module 9 Installation Requirements for Cylinder Valves, PRDs and Vent Lines
Module 10 Installation Requirements for Fuel System Isolation Valves
Module 11 Installation Requirements for High-Pressure Coalescing Filters
Module 12 Installation Requirements for Fuel Shutoff Solenoids
Module 13 Installation Requirements for Pressure Gauges
Module 14 Installation Requirements for Pressure Regulators
Module 15 Installation Requirements for Fuel Lines
Module 16 Installation Requirements for Electrical Wiring
Module 17 CNG Engine Fuel Systems
Module 18 Labeling Requirements
Module 19 What Installers Must Know about CNG Cylinder Handling and Damage


Instructional staff members of colleges, universities, private training organizations, fleets, dealers or manufacturers are not candidates for this course, but have numerous options for bringing NGVi’s training classes to their campuses or facilities. For more information, contact us at 800-510-6484.